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New: Anna Sui Rose Pressed Powder

New: Anna Sui Rose Pressed Powder

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Color: 200 - rpp


Achieve flawless, porcelain-smooth radiant skin with our newest pressed powder that has a rose bouquet embossed within it. Three shades of roses are mixed to create a blissful look. Choose between two illuminating shades: 

200: A clear, radiant appearance with an elegant purple bouquet.

  • A: Highlighting shade:  Lavender 
  • B: Accentuating shade: Baby blue
  • C: Color correcting shade: Pistachio 

300: A soft, peaceful appearance with a lovely rosy bouquet.

  • A: Highlighting shade: Light Peach
  • B: Accentuating shade: Cheerful Orange 
  • C: Color correcting shade: Serene White 

Directions: Take an appropriate amount of product on the puff and apply evenly over your entire face. 

Maintenance of the puff: 

  • Keep the puff clean at all times. A dirty puff makes it difficult to spread the powder well and may become damaged in use. 
  • When the puff becomes dirty, hand-wash with a mild detergent and use a gentle squeezing motion in lukewarm water. Rinse well and squeeze gently to remove excess moisture and dry completely. 
  • If you find the puff is worn out and deteriorated, replace with a new one 

Material body:

  • ABS
  • Size: H79 x W68 x D20.9 mm 


  • Core Material: Wool Nylon. Ribbon: Polyurethane
  • Size: W54 x H54 x D5.2 mm 

Outer Package:

  • Size: H80 x W74 x D22 mm 

Key Ingredients:

  • Chestnut Rose Extract - Rich in Vitamin C
  • Rose Damascena Extract - Offers superior Moisturizing and antioxidant effects
  • Rosa Centifolia Extract - Superior moisturizing effects
  • Oil-Soluble Rosa Canina Fruit Extract - Containing 20-40 times as much vitamin C as lemons
  • Rosehip Oil - Contains vitamin A 


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