For Resort 25, I am inspired by the wondrous exhibition of pre-Raphaelite art that I saw at the San Domenico Museum in Forli, Italy. I loved the tones of indigo and cornflower blue that prevailed throughout the beautifully draped and gathered dresses of the goddesses and nymphs that they painted. The glorification of the past and expression of beauty and wonder that prevailed in their paintings gave a fantasy of imagination, heroism, and folklore that provided an escape from the present day. There was optimism that a change was underway and about to happen. Imagination, emotion, and freedom are the focal points of Romanticism. 
The blues from the Pre-Raphaelite inspired the dark indigo denim, satin devore polka dot, embroidered denim, tapestry, pajama stripe, windowpane, and tweed fabrics. Granny dresses, peplum tops, prairie skirts, oversized sweater styled with satin polka-dot devore ruffle skirt, and a ballerina mini dress layered with printed t-shirt. Ruched posey printed mesh and printed stretched velvet, ruffled denim bodices, petticoat skirts, add romantic touches. The tweeds are styled with a pajama shirt, a denim bodice top, with a tweed wrap kilt skort. Polka dots with cascade ruffles, lace frills, add feminine touches. Jeans are embellished with butterfly appliques. 
The second color palette is black with lilac. The prints Rossetti and Sleeping Beauty have a wallpaper look with roses. The fabrics are chiffon and mesh with ruched detailing, velvet ribbon, and pussycat bow ties. There is an embroidered faux suede in the same Sleeping Beauty patterns for coats, jackets, hats and bags. The lace is in vintage cream, ruffled, bowed, or has chenille embroidery. There is also a combination of black lace, stretch, or ruffled, trimmed in point d’esprit, these come in an assortment of party dresses, petticoats, and frilly blouses. The knits are chunky fair-isle cardigans in denim blue/cream or black/cream with butter yellow. The oversized pullover has a LOVE intarsia motif and a cardigan in denim with lime and teal crochet trim. 
As a part of our Resort collection, we collaborated with John Fluevog on a reissue of the denim butterfly applique boots from our Spring ‘93 for Flummunity Fest in October, and in addition denim butterfly Mary Janes. 
The accessories are cameos by Erickson Beamon in denim and black. 
Hippy hats and bags are in tapestry and butterfly applique denim. We have clip-on bows and bow headbands, plus armlets made in our fabrics and prints. 
The t-shirt designs are Rose Girl by Hanna Chung, and the sweatshirt with wings is by Hiroshi Tanabe. 
Hair by Bobby Tochterman / R+Co BLEU. 
Makeup by Pat McGrath, #teamPatMcGrath.



Anna Sui 

Jordan Daniels
Remington Williams

Jewelry by Erickson Beamon
Shoes by John Fluevog
Graphic Tee Designs: Artwork by Hiroshi Tanabe 
Graphic Tee Designs: Artwork by Hanna Jaeun

Jeannie Sui Wonders

Sasha Kudon

Ariel Nehorayoff

Sam Reiss 

Pat McGrath #TeamPatMcgrath

Miku Tsutaya for Albion

Bobby Tochterman for R+Co BLEU


Bill Mullen
Anna Sui Cosmetics: Albion
Anna Sui Fragrance: Inter Parfums
Judy Yang
Akiko Mamitsuka
Beatriz Serva
Cindy Ozsen
Christina Wang 
Emily Yuen
Gilbert Edovas
Gina Kim
Han Ming Liu
Fen Sang Wong
Heidi Poon
Jennifer Lee
Keran Lu Jing
Alexia Kaiafas
Rojae Li
Rainey Lowery
Lauren Fastenberg
Meng Pun 
Michael Fehdrau
Nyasia Griffin
Rosemary Del Orbe
Wen Liao
Silviano Huertero
Victor Pascal
Mayra Jimenez

Thank you to KCD