This new addition to the Sky collection is inspired by a celestial bohemian spirit. 

COSMIC SKY celebrates the magic inside everyone… the power to confidently dream until it becomes reality. Glass bottle is iridescent with champagne silver metal components.

Sparkling with sophistication, this floral fruity fragrance transports your senses to a shimmering nighttime playground in the sky. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, Fresh Pear 

Heart Notes: Iris, Ambrette Seeds, Apple Blossom 

Base Notes: Crystallized Sugar, Crisp Amber, Blonde Woods

The fragrance opens with a kiss of Juicy Pear and Mouthwatering Bergamot. 

Playful middle notes of Ambrette Seeds, Apple Blossom, and Carrot Seed intertwine with base notes of Crisp Amber, Crystallized Sugar, and Blonde Woods for a magical scent journey through the night sky.  

"I wanted to create a fragrance for the Anna Sui girl that captured that ethereal wonder of a starlit sky. I used juicy pear and bergamot on top for intrigue, while the heart brings a pronounced floral to represent its beauty with a hint of musky intimacy. I then added more depth in the back by pairing crisp amber, crystallized sugar and woods which together introduce a final layer of otherworldly fantasy."

- Jerome Epinette