Anna Sui invites you on an adventure into the clouds with her new fragrance, Sky.

Soar through the air as the wind carries you higher. Take flight to a place full of endless possibilities. Here in Anna's world, inspired dreams become wondrous reality.

With an airy effervescence, this fruity floral edible fragrance transports you into the clouds.


Top Notes:  Pear, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn

Heart Notes:  Lily of the Valley, Rose, Lotus Flower 

Base Notes:  Musk, Vanilla, Popcorn

Sky first opens with a welcoming kiss of juicy pears. 

Pillows of fluffy white clouds made of lily of the valley float through the middle of the fragrance. 

As the scent warms up as if by rays of the sun, the soft floral petals suddenly pop and become crunchy toasted popcorn.  

"I've been inspired by a delicate and symbolic flower, to which I drew a modern twist. Thereby, the idea was born: I played with the Lily of the Valley and turned it into popcorn."


– Jean Jacques