Obsessed with the Whodunnit! Getting lost in a good story, the mystery of surprise and a colorful cast of characters, it’s not unlike creating a remarkable collection.
Miss Marple is my favorite character from the Agatha Christie novels. I enjoyed watching all the BBC TV productions, whether in a quaint English countryside or the bustling city of London. Everyone dressing in tailored tweeds, fetching fair isles, and charming crochet collars garb, and Miss Marple with her iconic Gladstone bag.  
The first color palette is inspired by Clarice Cliff, a woman potter who designed ceramics for the emerging working women of the 1920’s and 30's. Hues of marmalade, cinnamon, curry mustard and tea rose. Mixed with tobacco, toffee, russet, and chocolate! The Londonderry tweed and Cotswold plaid, Camden check, railroad stripe and fair isle fleece, tapestry and tea rose satin mixed with the English rose and Bloomsbury bud prints in crepe, satin, and velvet. There are also argyle knits, ombre crochet, faux leather, and faux curly lamb.
The Second delivery, inspired by Virginia Woolf book covers, with shades of Bristol blue, black and cream. Patterns inspired by the Art Nouveau art of Aubrey Beardsley, printed on both the delicate crinkle chiffon and the textured corduroy. The Bluebell Velour Knit, Floral Leather Lace, Crushed Velvet, Ombre Plaid, Jubilee studded Velvet, Crochet Knit, Cornflower Tweed, Blooming Mesh, Primrose Puff Print on chiffon, and hand-knit sweaters inspired by the artistic and bohemian style of the Bloomsbury Group.
The Evening collection embraces the glamour and sophistication of 30’s London nightclubs with metallic Brocade and sparkling elements, paillettes, bugle bead and sea nymph sequins.
Coordinated accessories include needlepoint totes, bag, and a Sunburst metallic mesh bag, as well as caps, spats and bags, made from the matching tweed fabric. All styled with Argyle socks. 
The cat eye and oversized carved roses eyewear by Mondottica for Anna Sui in shades of amber, tortoise and black.
Slingbacks and winklepicker granny shoes in matching tweed, corduroy, fleece, and leather by John Fluevog @fluevog.
Erickson Beamon @ericksonbeamon jewelry and tiaras.
We collaborated with Clio Peppiatt @cliopeppiatt with custom colors of her Quartz bags.
My love of vintage is incorporated with a special collaboration with Eveliina Vintage @eveliinavintage, who specializes in luxury lingerie. We have their signature hand-dyed night gowns and slips in shades of marmalade. And in black, a brassiere, corselet and satin slip. 
I curated vintage tapestry and chenille brocade Miss Marple Gladstone handbags and souvenir London scarves for accessories. I’m so excited about the great resurgence of interest in vintage and how people are recycling it into their wardrobes. We are introducing Anna’s Vintage Closet to our website. The pieces will be curated and include pieces from my personal vintage archives. Discover at https://annasui.com/collections/annas-vintage-closet 

Eveliina Vintage @eveliinavintage
Founder Eeva Musacchia started Eveliina Vintage in the early 1970’s in Helsinki Finland. At the same age as Eeva was when she started the brand, her twin daughters Emilia & Amanda joined Eveliina Vintage. Eveliina pieces are rare, romantic, one of a kind finds for everyday use. www.eveliina-vintage.com. 

Clio Peppiatt @cliopeppiatt
Clio Peppiatt is a multi-generational artist, reinventing traditional crafts for a modern audience, focusing on hand-beading and hand-embroidery stemming from the designer’s original drawings. Clio Peppiatt is at the forefront of a new generation of designers creating contemporary evening wear, having become internationally recognized for her readaption of traditional craftsmanship and celebratory, subversive femininity. The bags for this collaboration are carefully hand stitched using a mixture of plated and recycled acrylic beads. We took inspiration from Anna’s rich colour palette and each bag is lined with this season’s Anna Sui prints. www.cliopeppiatt.co.uk. 



Anna Sui 

Sherry Shi
Sara Grace Wallerstedt
Huijia Chen
Remington Williams
Mika Schneider
Freya Nutter
Enya Davis
Cristina Piccone
Chloe Oh
Loulou Westlake
Kate McNamara
Jordan Daniels
Lulu Wood
America Gonzales
Aleyna Fitzgerald
Alay Deng
Xuri Yang
Elodie Guipaud
Ugbad Abdi
Jan Baiboon
Gracie Rae
Ali Dansky
Aubrey Hill
Betsey Gaghan
Grace Carswell

Raoul Gatchalian 
Gerardo Somoza
Avery Norman

Thomas Concordia

Pat McGrath Labs




Anna Sui Graphic Artwork by Lucky LeRoy (@lucky.leroy2)
Shoes by John Fluevog (@fluevog)
Eyewear by Mondottica for Anna Sui
Jewelry by Erickson Beamon (@ericksonbeamon)
Quartz Bags by Clio Peppiatt (@cliopeppiatt)
Vintage by Eveliina Vintage (@eveliinavintage)


Bill Mullen
Anna Sui Cosmetics: Albion
Anna Sui Fragrance: Inter Parfums
The Strand 
Judy Yang
Mary Crisp
Eva Cass
Samantha Daichendt
Akiko Mamitsuka
Amy Lee
Beatriz Serva
Cindy Ozsen
Emily Yuen
Gilbert Edovas
Gina Kim
Han Ming Liu
Feng Sang Wong
Heidi Poon
Jennifer Lee
Keran Lu Jing
Chanel Spear
Alexia Kaiafas
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Emily Bholan
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