I chose Impressionist Art as the inspiration because it makes me dream. I think so much of today is so immediate and throw away. We need something that makes us dream, makes us desire and makes us yearn. The longing and anticipation is sometimes better than the actual fulfillment. 

I love the softness of Impressionist paintings by Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, and Edna Morisot. The color is diffused and often there are many colors layered to achieve this.

I came across Danielle Dee Winters artwork of digitally printed versions of her multiple exposure photos of butterflies. I loved especially the neon sparks of color. All of the prints in this collection have the impressionist’s “blur” of Monet’s waterlilies. 

Most of the colors of the collection are pastel and inspired by the Peranakan ceramics that I collect. I love the lemon yellow, powder blue and azalea pink. The fabrics have an opulence, with sequin embellishment, metallic faux leather, crushed velvets and washed satin. There are many lingerie details with lace trims, sometimes enhanced with sequins, hand dyed ombre ribbon, rainbow passementerie, prints on devoré, digitally printed 3D floral lace, printed sequins and printed metal mesh. In addition, there are patchwork embroideries and appliqués, and embroidered shearling with faux-Mongolian trim. 

I love the Anna Sui x Clio Peppiatt collaboration crystal beaded bags, made from recycled acrylic beads and the color coordinated Daisy Chain chokers. The other accessories include Marabou boas with hand dyed ribbon and Marabou Chubbies, bags made from collection fabrics, and sheer tulle ruffle gloves and crinkle socks. 

The printed tees for resort have artworks by Masayuki Ogisu and Ken Sigafoos. 



Anna Sui

América González
Tianna St. Louis

Quartz Crystal Bags by Clio Peppiatt
Butterfly graphic by Danielle Dee Winter
Jewelry by Bonnie Robbins,
Hair clips by Medusa’s Heirlooms 
Graphic Tee Designs: Artwork by Masayuki Ogisu
Graphic Tee Designs: Artwork by Ken Sigafoos

Bobby Tochterman for GARREN at R+Co BLEU 

Pat McGrath Labs

Joshua Jordan
Digital Tech: Nathan Martin
Photo Assistants: Joe Pluchino & Indio Pluchino

Directed by Jeannie Sui Wonders
Cinematography by Rachel Batashvili
Edited by Jessie Zhai

Gerardo Somoza

Isabelle Sui
Assisted by Eva Cass


Bill Mullen
Anna Sui Cosmetics: Albion
Anna Sui Fragrance: Inter Parfums 
Eva Cass
Masha Chen
Mary Crisp
Rosemary Del Orbe
Gilbert Edovas
Lauren Fastenberg 
Nyasia Griffin
Mayra Jimenez
Gina Kim
Amy Lee
Jennifer Lee
Wendy Lee
Wen Liao
Akiko Mamitsuka
Han Ming Liu
Cindy Ozsen
Victor Pascal
Heidi Poon
Beatriz Serva
Chanel Spear
Bobby Sui
Eddy Sui
Grace Sui
Judy Yang
Emily Yuen
Keran Lu Jing
Emily Bholan
Josie Zimmerman
Yoko Katsumata
Judith Montesdeoca
Fen Sang Wong