Collection: FALL / WINTER 2018

Fall/ Winter 2018 collection is Anna’s most autobiographical. She incorporated all her favorite things, everything she's always loved.

When Sui was a young girl growing up in suburban America she looked forward to every issue of Seventeen Magazine and obsessively combed the pages of her mom’s Harper’s Bazaars and Vogues. This is how she developed her dream of New York and the fantasy of becoming a fashion designer. By the time she actually moved to the city, that world was disappearing. But she keeps her original vision of New York in her heart, and actively integrates that vision in her designs. Sui’s latest collection is a celebration of that spirit, that history, that journey. 

The color palette features David Hicks' mid-century modern juxtapositions of cherry red and hot pink, or tangerine and taxicab yellow. A lot of elements are inspired by fashion illustrations she first saw in Mademoiselle Magazine, like the early works of Antonio Lopez, Catherine Danzinger, Kenneth Paul Block, and especially Anne-Marie Barden.