One of the most gorgeous sights I've ever seen is the underwater coral reefs and sea-life when I visited Australia's Gold Coast.  The reality of this and all the coral reeds around the world disappearing has shocked me into realizing the fragility of everything.
In 1903 and 1907, George Melies filmed The Kingdom of the Fairies and Under the Sea. My vision of underwater has always been this fantasy world of exotic fish, coral, and mermaids. Who hasn’t dreamt of going 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or scuba diving like James Bond in the Caribbean, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, the undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, and more recently, My Octopus Teacher.

The fabrics and prints throughout the collection are a celebration of the sea. Fluttery, shimmery, swirling colors and tones mimicking the iridescence of Mother of Pearl and shells. The jacquards are metallic or iridescent with prints on top. There is a botanical warp print denim and an opalescent knit. Gingham is paired with embroidered organza with iridescent sequins. I love the oversized fish sweaters in pastels layered over giant gingham and glitter print jersey. Giant eyelet in pink and cantaloupe. Mini arcadia blossom printed floral in a princess dress and a boudoir bed jacket. Riviera crochet bathing suits, metallic palm leaf jacquard, and terry cabana jacket and skort are perfect for an island paradise. Kaftans and princess dresses shimmer and shine when mixed with ocean color tie-dye denim, Pisces jacquard and waterfall sequins.

Accessories include iridescent crochet hats and bags, fluttery kerchiefs, jumbo shoulder bags in sequins, print and velvet, and mini bags in gingham, terry, and Mother of Pearl. The John Fluevog sandals are tie-dye leather and the mules in celestial sequins or metallic leather with a conch shell heel.

The jewelry by Erickson Beamon is an array of shells festooned with iridescent beads and bubbles. Butterfly and rhinestone trim cat-eyeglasses are by Anna Sui Eyewear.
If you are as passionate about saving our underwater world as much as I am, please look to missionblue.orgfor more information.



Anna Sui 

Heather Diamond Strongarm
Diane Chiu
Sara Grace Wallerstedt
Avanti Nagrath
Dahan Phuong Oanh
Aubrey Hill
Danielle Zinaich
America Gonzalez
Lulu Wood
Yoon Young Bae
Evie Harris
Lyra Westecott
Heather Marks
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Enya Davis
Cristina Piccone
Amelia Gray

Raoul Gatchalian
Jonas Gustavson
Gerardo Somoza

Tom Concordia
Matthew Dobbins
Erika Fujyama

Pat McGrath Labs




Graphic Tee Designs: Artwork by Curious Pip 
Graphic Tee Designs: Artwork by Hiroshi Tanabe 
Shoes by John Fluevog
Tie-Dye by Riverside Tool and Dye
Eyewear by Mondottica for Anna Sui
Jewelry by Erickson Beamon


Bill Mullen
Anna Sui Cosmetics: Albion
Anna Sui Fragrance: Inter Parfums 
Judy Yang
Mary Crisp
Eva Cass
Samantha Daichendt
Akiko Mamitsuka
Amy Lee
Beatriz Serva
Cindy Ozsen
Emily Yuen
Gilbert Edovas
Gina Kim
Han Ming Liu
Feng Sang Wong
Heidi Poon
Jennifer Lee
Lauren Fastenberg
Meng Pun 
Nyasia Griffin
Rosemary Del Orbe
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