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New: Anna Sui Rose Pressed Powder (Refill)

New: Anna Sui Rose Pressed Powder (Refill)

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Color: 200 - rpp

Achieve flawless, porcelain-smooth radiant skin with our newest pressed powder refill that has a rose bouquet embossed within it. Three shades of roses are mixed to create a blissful look. Choose between two illuminating shades: 

200: A clear, radiant appearance with an elegant purple bouquet.

  • A: Highlighting shade:  Lavender 
  • B: Accentuating shade: Baby blue
  • C: Color correcting shade: Pistachio 

300: A soft, peaceful appearance with a lovely rosy bouquet.

  • A: Highlighting shade: Light Peach
  • B: Accentuating shade: Cheerful Orange 
  • C: Color correcting shade: Calm White 

Directions: To use a new refill, please push the old pan through the hole at the back of the compact by using a coin or something similar. Remove the number sticker from the back of the refill and attach it to the compact, and then set the pan into the compact. Take an appropriate amount of product on the puff and apply evenly over your entire face. 

    Material body:

    • Size: H78.25 x W71.7 x D10.75 mm 

      Outer Package:

      • Size: H80 x W74 x D22 mm 

      Style #ASABPV

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