Fishing Village by David Weidman

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Size: 31" x 23"

Technique: Silk Screen

David Weidman's name may not be familiar, but his work certainly is. David began his career in the animation studios of the '50's (UPA, Churchill Films and Hanna Barbara among others). He was involved in the creation of of many animated classics including Mr. Magoo and Fractured Fairytales. Later he opened a gallery on the famed La Cienega Boulevard which showcased his formidable talent in the silkscreen print medium. Many of his originals can now be seen adorning the sets of popular films and TV shows such as Gone Girl, Criminal Minds and Mad Men.

Wiedman created these limited editions by hand between 1963 and 1979. If you look closely enough, you'll realize each piece is truly unique. David designed, created his screens, and mixed his colors all by hand. The lacquer based inks that he used are no longer available. The colors are extremely durable and have maintained their saturation and hues exceptionally well over the decades.

Today, Mr. Weidman's staggering body of work, with its graphic sensibility and expert use of saturated color is just as modern and relevant as it was fifty years ago.

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